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Your Home in Need of Repairs?

Date Posted: Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Kent County Department of Planning Services may be able to help with the Housing Repair Program. 

What does the program do? The Community Development Housing Repair program provides funds for repairs and renovations that will bring a home up to housing code standards. Examples of some of the types of work done are: electrical, plumbing, roofing, hearing and structural renovations. 

How does it work? 

  • An application for assistance is filled out and additional information verifications are mailed. 
  • An inspection of the home is done and a list of repairs is completed. 
  • Bids are requested from County-Approved licensed contractors.
  • The bids are evaluated and the job is awarded to the lowest bidding responsive contractor.
  • The selected contractor then completes the approved work as per the work write-up and any County approved changes. The County pays the contractor for the work. 
  • To avoid abuse of the Housing Repair Program, a lien (in the form of a mortgage) is placed on the property being repaired. This lien is a 0% interest rate and NO monthly payments. The term of the lien is 5-15 years, depending upon the amount of funds spent. At the end of the lien term, the mortgage is considered satisfied. 

How do I qualify? 

  • The residence being considered for a grant must be owner-occupied.
  • The total annual income of the occupants can not exceed the income limits set for Kent County, Delaware.
    • By Total Household size (Income includes all sources of income from everyone living in the home)
        • 1 person- $37,450
        • 2 person-$42,800
        • 3 person-$48,150
        • 4 person- $53,500
        • 5 person- $57,800
        • 6 person- $62,100
        • 7 person- $66,350
        • 8 person- $70,650
  • There is adequate hazard insurance on the property being considered for assistance prior to the start of the work. 
  • All City and County taxes, sewer fees and property assessments are paid. 


For additional information or to fill out an application, please contact the Kent County Department of Planning Services @ 302-744-2480 or stop by their office at 555 Bay Road, Dover, DE 19901.